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Jonathan R. Cole, MBA, Founder, Light on the Earth Systems Jonathan R. Cole, MBA
Light on the Earth Systems

I am on a mission to accelerate the transition to solar energy for the sake of future generations and life on earth. I am focused on information, products and services that will advance the delivery of clean, renewable energy to the people of the world. To better serve the world I continue to expand my knowledge in this critical area.

I am well-suited for managing the development and implementation of advanced renewable energy systems and leading edge products that are user friendly and durable. Having been engaged in this sector for nearly 30 years, I can call on a network of talented technical people throughout the world in order to create the highest quality products and integrated applications and to evaluate technological approaches to creating a world based on clean renewable solar energy.

In addition to being a self-trained solar engineer and specialist I have completed a Master of Business Administration degree with honors. I continue to be on a path of life-long learning in science, technology, business, economics, history, and innovation which I apply to the development of advanced market vision.

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