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In the current world economic model, vast quantities of materials are dug, cut, blasted, sheared, shredded, sawn, and extracted from the Earth's surface and below and then processed into products that are used for a fairly short time and then thrown away. Read More >



Light On The Earth Systems - Solar Options

Light on the Earth Systems is dedicated to assisting you with design and installation of solar energy systems. We provide consulting, education and pre-fabricated solar energy systems that are very durable and user-friendly.

With thirty years of experience in the field, we can help you get a system that has very low maintenance and service requirements. Don't fall into the trap of purchasing solar from inexperienced firms who have little experience and sell systems that do not take maintenance and user-friendliness into account.

Pre-fabricated solar energy systems provided by us have the most practical, compact design and use durable solid-state technology from the best manufacturers for long life and low maintenance. Easy to use and easy to understand, our systems are made to endure for 25+ years with minimal maintenance. Whether you are on or off the electric company power-grid, our systems can meet your energy needs more reliably and cost-effectively than any other system.

Get the book that shows the way
Written to provide homeowners with factual information about the installation and use of solar energy, this book is indispensable as it educates and informs how to achieve an affordable, reliable solar energy installation. Order your copy of Light On The Earth: The Solar Option now

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